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([personal profile] curgoth Jul. 2nd, 2010 01:51 pm)
I find myself thinking far too seriously about difficult it would be to build either a sedan chair or a rickshaw. Because, that way we could carry around [ profile] mycrazyhair at Kaleidoscope and other fun events she hasn't the spoons to go to!

Surely all I'd need is an Ikea armchair, some bolt on rings and wooden dowels...

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I DO have a wooden chair from Ikea that I don't really use...

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rickshaw style..not too hard to build. Mount a comfy chair on pneumatic shocks. Bolt to heavy-duty axle. mount nice big bouncy tires...

Hitch to enthusiastic young feller(s)

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I love you, you crazy man.

On the plus side, I've managed to walk 30 minutes today (or rather, I walked today to the place that took 30 minutes last week, so probably more like 40 minutes). I will get better, gods dammit.

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Just sliding the poles under the arms would work but would put all the stress on the arms.

flat nylon strap between the poles and those under the chair would keep the stresses on the chair in place designed to take some. Also I think it would be a less bumpy ride.

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Rickshaw is probably the better of the two ideas - easier on the personel.

Either way, being the sherpa-donkey that I am I'd probably be willing to pull or carry for a shift or two.

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The sedan chairs of old had full shoulder harnesses to distribute weight.
No matter what you choose it NEEDS a lovely parasol.

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that's so sweet of you. I'd love to hear about how you built it, if you end up doing so :)

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