Two links from Feminist Philosophers;

The Gender Stereotype Game is an awesome game.

Gendered Food. "Ever wondered why chocolate is for girls, and steak is for boys? (Ever wondered whether chocolate is for girls and steak is for boys?) "

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Well in all fairness I like chocolate more than steak but my condition forces me to eat opposite my desires. More steak less chocolate.

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All the reading I've said is more the "bitter=older" - that as children, we have a predisposition to stay away from bitter things on the bitter=poison and sweet=calories. As you get older, there is some trigger (I'd have to go back and do my research again to find out what) that stops craving sweet and avoiding bitter and you start enjoying bitter that isn't going to kill you.

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All I have is my sample set of one, for all the scientific validity therein, but so far the "bitter=bad" thing has been consistent, even prior to him being old enough to be influenced by external thinking.

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I like steak AND chocolate. Rare steak and dark chocolate, washed down with bourbon.

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Have I mentioned recently how much I adore you?

(Also, you were adorable in the photos that M. took in Vegas!)

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Speaking of steak and chocolate and bourbon, let's set a date for you and Matt to come over for a BBQ.

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