We fried up a pile of thick cut bacon with onions. Half of that got fried up with perogies. The other half with green beans, green chard and red chard. So, there were definite healthy *parts* of the meal. We just covered those parts in bacon. This lunch was leftovers from the dinner of severe baconing.


Album: NeoCaine compiled by D.J. Edoardo.

Genre: Trance? Not quite enough "noises that sound good on the right drugs" to qualify as PsyTrance, I think.

Similar Bands: Astrix and MFG, sort of.

Review: Random compilation of electronic music that itunes reccommended. It's... okay. Nothing to complain about, but nothing really stood out as awesome.

Playlist Potential: Meh.

From: [identity profile]

Do you actually have a playlist called meh?

Also I miss bacon. I want it back.

From: [identity profile]

I have this plan where after I get a new kidney we all go out and devour nothing but bacon! Bacon burgers, bacon chili, bacon salad, and BACON SHAKES!

But I think instead we maybe go to an all day breakfast place and have a sensible amount of bacon...less vomiting that way.

From: [identity profile]

oh, bacon.

I had a friend who told me I was a baco-vegetarian (bacon isn't real meat, so it doesn't count. right? Right?).

*wistful sigh*

From: [identity profile]

I think there should be a band called Severe Baconing.

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