curgoth: (mad science)
( Jul. 2nd, 2010 01:51 pm)
I find myself thinking far too seriously about difficult it would be to build either a sedan chair or a rickshaw. Because, that way we could carry around [ profile] mycrazyhair at Kaleidoscope and other fun events she hasn't the spoons to go to!

Surely all I'd need is an Ikea armchair, some bolt on rings and wooden dowels...
If I won a big jackpot in the lottery, one of the things I could do with the money is this; Project Batman. The idea would be to go through a technological and physiological training regimen to create several candidates for Dark Knighthood. Have teams of engineers and researchers put together different models for a batsuit, trying different kinds of armour, cooling, etc. Get some martial artists and athletes to train in the suits to see how fatiguing they are. Try out different designs for batgear like climbing cables, batarangs, and maybe bat shark repellent. Hell, turn it into a reality show, documentary or PhD thesis and it might not even consume that much of the money.

Of course, if I won two or three lotteries I could go further and arrange for the candidates' parents to be brutally murdered in front of them, but then I would also have to fund a secret project to get my skin bleached and permanently disfigured into a rictus grin.


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