As part of my ongoing, inevitable, regrettable hippification, I am considering buying non-boot footwear for the summer. Something possibly in the sandal family. The last time I wore sandals, they were plastic k-mart flip flops when my age was in single digits.

I am, of course, still me, and don't want something like birkenstocks. However, I'm tired of wearing hot combat boots in summer, and taking longer to do up my boots than it takes to put on the entire rest of my outfit. So, I want some kind of summer footwear that's a) fairly easy to put on and take off, b) allows for greater airflow than combat boots, and c) looks good.

I've been looking at the Vibram Five Toes with the instep strap. Anyone know of other good looking sandal relatives I should be considering? Is it, for example, worth combing the stores on Yonge for some kind of gothy sandal with spikes on or something?
A list of ongoing creative sewing projects, in no particular order;

  • Great sarong tie review; I have grown gradually fatter since I started wearing sarongs, so the older the sarong, the shorter the ties. The older ones are now too shrot to wear. So, I need to sew on longer ties to the older ones. also, the black sarong I got last year has no ties at all on it.

  • Make two new satin cravats. I have the material, just need to rearrange the living room so that I have the space to measure and cut.

  • Fix both pairs of thai fisherman's pants. The bigger pair have a gaping crotch hole that needs to get patched. Thankfully, the pants came in a bag of the same material, so I have somethign to patch with. The other pair just need to get some sitching replaced.

  • Sew buttons on to pinstripe pants. This is for attaching button braces to. I also need to get at least one more set of button braces.

  • Steampunk Kscope outfit. I'm thinking sarong-weight double-breasted waistcoat over wrap pants or a sarong, big boots, bandana, goggles and leather cuffs. Maybe a cravat, and maybe a standalone collar to go with it above the waistcoat. And the bat-utility belt, of course. Sketching will hopefully happen at lunch time today.

  • polar fleece arm-warmers. These have been sitting in the sewing bin for probably close to two years at this point.

  • Utility belt. Needs more grommets, another pair of pouches and two more belt loops. Also considering making a removable larger pouch to hang down one side to put a paperback in.

  • Raven hoodie. Black hoodie with a raven cut out from an old t-shirt, plus glow in the dark skull and crossbones patches on the arms. I want to lengthen the sleeves with some sort of black and white stripe pattern. Do I want to use alternating strips of black and white sweatshirt material to match the hoodie? Will that result in the white getting greyed out when the hoodie gets washed? What about using white spray paint or screen printing ink to add white stripes to black? I suspect that I will continue to add bits and pieces as I find more neat stuff to sew on to it over time.

  • I should also make a pair or two of gaiters to wear over combat boots etc. They'd also be useful when biking, as long as I made them snug enough.

  • black flannel hakama; because 7 layers of flannel should keep me warm pretty much anywhere... Again, I have the material and a pattern, but no space to lay out the pattern, etc. Also, i still suck at using patterns.

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( Jun. 5th, 2010 03:58 pm)
[ profile] mycrazyhair and I went to Opera Atelier's surplus costume sale.

[ profile] mycrazyhair found something:
Her Majesty
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( Feb. 16th, 2010 09:55 am)
Watching White Collar and Chuck is having an odd effect on me. I am having increasing cravings for traditional men's wear - suits, ties, fedoras, vests, etc. I actually pulled out the ironing board this morning and not only ironed my work pants, but my shirt as well. As a consequence, I was an hour late getting to work.

I really must remind myself that I cannot afford to go get myself a couple suits, some tie pins/clips etc. And a pair of button braces. And pants modified to take button braces (I am *done* with clip-on suspenders when wearing a vest.)

I need to hire a wardrobe consultant to shop for me and make clothes for me. Sadly, I seem to have misplaced my production budget.
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( Jan. 28th, 2010 03:10 pm)
part 1: fashion.

Last night, the belt I wear with my work pants broke. It has been getting worn, but I realised that I can put my finger through the hole that the buckle goes through. Since I was at work until 8:30 last night, this meant that shops were closed by the time I got back near home, leaving me beltless for today.

Since I had no belt, I wore suspenders to keep my pants up. I also added a grey vest over the standard black oxford shirt to cover up the suspenders and give me a pocket to keep my phone in. The pocket watch was a natural addition at that point. As was the grey silk brocade tie. I used my new skills and did a full windsor knot. I considered a fedora, but since I lack a good overcoat, the effect would have been wasted.

I need to go buy a new belt this weekend.

I'm not sure what to do about footwear - my combats have a big split in the leather, but I can't afford to replace or repair them right now.

part 2: medical.

A wheezy day today, despite the advair. I called off the planned gym experiment - I am concerned that if I have to leave classes gasping for air too often, they'll have to ban me from the gym. and that would upset me greatly.

part 3: gaming.

I've decided on running Nano-Victorian Futures and Sleepers at ACUS. The website has stymied my attempts to register games thus far. I have been mucking around the wiki adding more NVF character gneration examples and the skeleton of a section for Sleepers. I've got a plot seed for NVF that should grow into an actual plot before the con. Still not sure what Sleepers will be about plot-wise, but if all goes according to plan, I should just need to nudge the players a bit and sit back to watch the mayhem. I'm really hoping someone comes up with a Sleeper that is weirder than my sample ideas.

part 4: NOMs.

I really want chocolate right now. Instead, I have apples. I do not want apples.
I am trying to convince myself that I do not need a "Space Bastard" shirt.

International Electrophonic Unit

It expires Sunday, with some other bit of Ellis madness going up Monday.
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( Nov. 19th, 2009 10:30 pm)
How to reproduce the cravat knot seen on Charles Babbage here. It's also the same knot used by Doc Cochran on Deadwood.

Babbage's version uses a relatively stiff fabric, and a cravat that is roughly the same width throughout. Cochran uses the same knot with a softer fabric.

Instructions on the knot can be found here. It's basically the same as tying a bowtie, if you happen to know how to do that.

The cravat in the instruction set is widens towards the end, which will give the nice puffy bow instead of the severe one Babbage wore.

Damn. I think this means I really am a costuming geek, doesn't it?
Now I need to make some more cravats with a variety of fabrics, widths and styles...
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( Sep. 28th, 2009 09:59 am)
I knew the soles of the combat boots I bought in March were getting a little worn. I discovered, while walking in a rain storm Saturday, that the heel had pretty much collapsed in on itself. It seems to me that combats should last more than six months - these boots hadn't even met winter yet. Now I must find time to make a trip to a shoe repair place and get new soles put on. There's no budget for a new pairs of combats right now.

Until then, I will be rotating through other boots that I can sell as worksafe. Today, it's the pointy-toed skull buckle boots. They're fairly comfortable, if slow to put on and take off. The heel on these boots approximates the angle of my orthotics, which I can't wear with them.

The pointy-toed boots added to the leather hat and the long black coat today make me feel all Deadwoody. I feel a sudden craving for a big moustache.
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( May. 3rd, 2009 11:00 pm)
Had a very lovely weekend with the Lizard.

Friday we went to dinner at Moxie's, which could be turned into an awesome goth club with little effort. Then we went to see Monsters vs. Aliens - the 2nd time for me, the 1st for Zil. It's a good, fun movie that actually allows the female protagonist to remain female, and yet strong, which is pretty rare in movies. It still fails the Bechdel test, and the women are consistently rail thin while the men vary in body type. At least it's a start, though.

Saturday included kilt shopping and a haircut. Then Zil and I went to Chimichanga's for a long early dinner followed by "X-Men Origins: Wolverine". Which, for the first 2/3 of the film succeeds and fails much in the same way that the source material does. Then it collapses into a storm of pointless plot wankery and they completely ruin Deadpool after getting the character mostly right in the beginning. Also, Wolverine's hair is ridiculously pretty, and I am a geek enough that I found that distracting. On the plus side, Live Schrieber is the best possible movie Sabretooth, IMHO.

Sunday was spent lounging around watching tv and movies at home with cuddles and a fashion show.

The final wedding outfit for the ZilBro wedding is as follows: the new black utilikilt (original model), black vest, white wingtip collar shirt and a black puff tie. None of my jackets really came close to working. For footwear, we've provisionally agreed on combat boots, but only if I get them really well polished.

I also picked up something for an upcoming masquerade party, so my outfit for *that* is nearly sorted.
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( Apr. 28th, 2009 03:38 pm)
No, not mine. that isn't for another few decades.

[ profile] neeuqdrazil's brother is getting married Canada Day long weekend, and I am tired of being one of those guys wearing a black suit, black tie and a red dress shirt to try to look slightly alternative while still conforming. Wearing all neo-victorian/steampunk formal wear has its own problems since I may end up looking fancier/more formal than the groom.

He's getting married in Nova Scotia.

I've been pondering getting a proper kilt - as in buying one. I'd probably wear it every now and then, so it'd probably be worth it. The kilt alone should be within budget, but I don't know that I can justify to myself buying the rest of the kit - the Bonnie Prince Charlie velvet jacket, the ruffly white shirt (that is a different style than the ruffly white shirt I already own), the big socks, the sock knife, etc. I likely would only wear that stuff to weddings or other occasional formal events.

I have quite a bit of random formal wear in the general Western tradition, with a significant Neo-victorian bent. This leaves me wondering if I can get away with putting together the rest of the outfit with stuff I already own.

So I turn to you, O Flist, for your opinions on wedding-wear for the modern weirdo.

[Poll #1391420]

Polyamorous, Bisexual Switch T-shirt from

check out the back of the shirt.

(disclaimer - I put the shirt up, and hence get a small royalty when people buy the shirt)
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( Aug. 17th, 2008 01:57 pm)
Signs that I'm a yuppie - it's hot, and my nerves are jangly from too much caffeine, so I'm having a beer. A beer aged 30 days in oak barrels, then matured for another 47 days before bottling. And I opened it with the hook on my corkscrew.

Signs that I'm a geek - I am going to go down to the Church St. fet fair to get my riding boots polished later, so I am drinking my beer wearing a sort of gay steampunk biker outfit. Because it goes with the boots.
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( Mar. 9th, 2008 05:01 am)
The clock claims that it's almost 5am. I think that chocolate cake had caffeine in it.

Regardless, I've finished my first attempt at modifying a modern dress shirt to give it a more Victorian/steampunk edge (by no means historically accurate, but it works better with a cravat). I also finally cleaned up and edged my cravat, and tried it out after pressing it. The neckline looks much nicer when its been pressed first, and the neck is much more comfortable with the modified shirt.

I still can't sew straight, but that'll come with practice. I also picked up a couple more vests and a nice tie today, so I'm getting to the point where I actually have a few neovictorian/steampunk outfits, particularly once I pick up my Gentleman's Emporium order next week.

It may just be time for a photoshoot, if I can get someone to take pictures for me while I run around and change clothes frequently.

I went to visit my riding boots today, too. The stretching didn't add enough room, so they're going to add a slit and a couple of buckles so I can adjust the top five inches or so. This should give me enough room to tuck various pants into them.

Due to the Snowpocalypse, my date for tonight got cancelled, since neither of us had the energy to leave the house again. Hence the sewing.

Tomorrow will be date rain check, and laundry. Of course, if I don't go to sleep soon, it will *be* tomorrow.

There must have been something in that cake...
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( Jan. 24th, 2008 09:14 am)
This post has nothing to do with pants.

Last night I cancelled my date due to exhaustion. Nautrally, sleep hated me and I ended up bouncing unsteadily off the walls until nearly 1am due to yesterday's caffination. Naturally, today requires more caffeine. *sigh*

In more positive news, my alienware machine arrived yesterday. It's very pretty, and alienware make well-designed machines. I'm seriously impressed by their attention to detail. The only downside (beyond a slightly emabrassing mistake *I* made) is that the pretty box is too big. It is too tall for the PC shelf in my desk, and with it under my desk, I can't get the chair as close to the desk as I would prefer. I'll figure something out eventually. Maybe even something that *doesn't* require power tools.

I has a plan for Hallowe'en. Naturally, it's changed in my head so that it requires sewing something I don't have a pattern for. However: SCIENCE!
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( Jan. 18th, 2008 10:04 am)
I have new toys!

I have a pair of riding boots from ebay that were reasonably priced. They fit fairly well, though I think I will have to have the opening at the top widened - I can wear them as is, but the left boot is tight enough that I can't get pants to tuck into them.

I also have the materials needed to modify my cheap plastic internet goggles, and a respirator that I intend to pretty up for costuming uses. I'll also use the respirator for moving books and matresses so I don't have my throat swell shut, but there's no reason I can't look like a post-apocalyptic maniac while doing it.

I'm impatiently awaiting a new alienware desktop (I bought the bottom of the line!) and my back-ordered polar fleece hoodie, and a few different shipments of tie pins.
Why is it always when I'm most busy that I get the urge to work on creative stuff? when I have free time, I decide I'm bored and play video games instead.
Caffinated brain still whirring away on random topics. Right now, it is designing clothes for Kaledioscope and general weirdness wear.

  • A hooded robe made of sarong-weight black fabric. Slit on the sides to waist level with waist-ties to fit, like Thai fisherman's pants. Ideally, it's have some sort of tie or fastener at the wrist, too. With the ties, it should work as both a sun shield and a lightweight bug screen, while the light material should allow sweat to be wicked away.

  • Black polar fleece hakama, for cold nights at bardic.

  • Arm-warmers, either wool or black polar fleece, with decorative touches on the back of the hand and along the length.

  • A jacket of some kind of warm material (though maybe not *more* black polar fleece) with pleats along the length of the sleeves, with a sort of cape-let of sheer pleated dark material along the back, most likely with a hood.

  • Wrap pants with nifty cuffs of some kind (i.e., find some nifty fabric to put on the bottom, or silk-screen something myself)

  • Utility belt of doom; instead of carry a man-purse or using my kilt pockets on a normal belt, I am imagining a heavy belt (probably fabric, at least the first try) with alternating snap-on pouches and loops that carabiners and the like can clip onto. Good for any time I'm wearing a garment with no pockets, espcially for things like kscope where I want to keep a flashlight and bug repellant with me at all times.

I really need to get a small, durable sketchbook for my backpack kit.
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( Oct. 18th, 2007 09:14 am)
How does one go about cleaning leather? I have a few leather items (bracers, a collar, etc.) that I have worn dancing a few times. Which means that I've sweat in them, a lot, to the point where they're salt-stained and, in one case, kind of smelly from the retained sweat. Are they salvagable?
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( Jun. 25th, 2007 11:42 am)
Now that my pants that will never fit are pretty much done, I'm planning my next sewing projects. I'm thinking I'll go for club wear next. First up will be some arm warmers made of microfibre; I sweat when I dance, so I need something that will dry quickly. I'll need to find somewhere to buy microfibre stuff first, but I figure somewhere on Queen West will have it.

After that, I have an idea for a sash. It'd be about 3 inches wide, with a lot of pockets on the inside so I could hold ID, keys, and some cash in there. The plan is to use one piece of black fabric folded over, and on the other side, a piece of fluorescent green or yellow fabric sticking out the bottom (so it would be black with a day glo stripe at the bottom.) I think it'd go well with the wrap pants I bought last weekend. I'm trying to decide if I should try to be hardcore and do welt pockets, or just stitch pouches to the main part of the sash, and if I need to have some or all of the pockets button/snap/velcro shut to avoid stuff falling out.
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( Jun. 16th, 2007 04:29 pm)
The sewing class pants are almost done. I just have to sew on the button and hem them, and I will have pants! Pants that I cannot wear unless I lose 30-40 lbs (if then), but still, pants.

Speaking of pants; does anyone know where I can buy wrap pants? I'd also like to know if anyone can point me towards a pattern for wrap pants - I'd like to make my own eventually, but if I can, I'd like to get a pair sooner rather than later.

ETA: found a pattern for the wrap pants.


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