After a week in a black mood, I'm doing better today.

good things;

  • The new server is up and running, and has enough of the config done that I'm pulling my mail down onto it, instead of using webmail. This pleases me. I'm also happy to have 250 GB of storage now, so I can rip those new CDs I have from the past 6 months and actually listen to them, as soon as I meddle with my iTunes DB.

  • Bday dinner tonight for [ profile] themusesbitch - Ethiopian House!

  • Date with the Lizard afterwards!

  • Date Friday!

  • Date Saturday!

  • Even with the nights out Monday and tonight, I've managed to hit the gym every day this week.

Now I just wait for my web code to be deployed to production so I can confirm it and go downtownwards.
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( Mar. 12th, 2006 12:21 pm)
My computer is fixed! The new CPU is in, it works, and it 's not even overheating!

Now, time to head to games day.
My ISP, Rogers, is dropping USENET. This makes me sad. I spent a lot of time on usenet over the years, particularly on alt.gothic. It was my LJ before there was LJ. I haven't been reading as much in the past year or so, mostly because LJ is an addictive time suck, but I've stopped in every now and then.

Usenet's main purpose was as a group discussion forum, much like LJ or other web forums are now, except, well, better. Distributed and message oriented, I think it's still a better mechanism for forum style stuff than the web. Usenet was hijacked by rampant filesharing a number of years ago, with the volume of spam and shared media files dwarfing the volume of actual communication. I wonder if that precipitated the death of usenet, or if that kept usenet going longer than it otherwise would have.
Regardless, and great source for discussion and easy to download porn is now gone for rogers customers. It is the end of an era. It used to be that every ISP hosted thier own news server, and had someone responsible for looking after it. This meant that when one wanted to read USENET (aka "news" over the NNTP protocol), one only had to connect to a local server, much like mail is for most people (though this, too, is changing). This is what made it so attractive as a file sharing tool - since the server was only ever one or two hops away, internal to your ISP, it was typically a much higher speed connection than one had to servers off of one's ISP's network.

The whole concept of ISPs providing anything more than a fast connection seems to be dying off - even for mail, rogers farms out to Yahoo. This trend has some customers peeved, as the article mentions, since the ISP is charging the same, but providing less. On the other hand, how many people use thier ISP email as their primary account, as opposed to, say, Gmail or something else? A big part of this, I think is the increasing ubiquity of internet connections - most people have them at work now, and in most big cities, one can find wifi hotspots (free ones are harder to find, but still...), and people want to have access to thier email, etc. from wherever they are, whichever computer they're using.

My theory, then, is that decentralization and widespread net access has pushed web forums like LJ, and killed usenet as a discussion forum, leaving it as a porn farm - though even then, p2p has been replacing that function.

(I realise that they are still going to be people out there using it, but unless I decide to pay for a giganews feed, I am not going to be seeing it)
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( Jun. 2nd, 2005 08:25 am)
So, it appears that a) Yahoo calendar has an export function, and b) the iCalendar format that the ipod is open.

So I should be able to take a yahoo calendar export, and convert it to icalendar. Yahoo exports to either an Outlook csv file, or a palm format (in this case, exporting is different than syncing), so if I do this properly, the solution should have the added benefit of letting me pull my outlook events from work into the ipod as well.

Now I just need some time to sit and code...
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( May. 30th, 2005 10:22 pm)
It appears that there is no easy way to get Yahoo calendar to sync with the ipod. I am pondering how difficult it would be to write a filter to trap something yahoo's intellisync speaks, and convert it to the iCalendar format. It should be noted that I may, in fact, be insane.
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( May. 17th, 2005 05:03 pm)
I have updated the LJ again. I fixed up some stuff in the archives, and the page now renders in IE in a way that is usable, if not pretty. I am ok with this for the time being - does anyone out there still use IE to read my journal? If I have real, live IE users, I might put more effort into making it not suck in IE.
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( May. 16th, 2005 06:39 pm)
hopefully this is a little more friendly to people with lower resolutions.

Haven't had time to test in IE yet, so it may not work there.



(also: this is my geeky icon)
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( Jan. 30th, 2005 02:21 pm)
I am craving more music in my collection. I have enough music now that I'm looking at "shaping" my collection so that the proportions are the way I want them. It's hard to maintain playlists when I have 3351 tracks. So I typically just leave it on random and skip things I don't feel like listening to. The problem occurs when I get an influx of, say, Tom Waits, and, by sheer volume, shift the mood of what comes up on random. The easiest solution to this would just be to add more music to balance out Tom Waits et al. I want to go and buy several hundred dollars worth of bleepy European EBM and North American Industrial music.

I can't, just now, so I am whining about it instead.

Ah the problems only moody yuppies have.
I finally sat down last night and took another swing at getting linux back on my workstation at home. This time, I went with Fedora (redhat's non-commercial branch). Fedora's got bleeding edge everything; kernel 2.6, instead of xFree86, etc.

I was pretty impressed. This is the first time I've installed linux, and not had to spend a couple hours digging around online in windows to find the necessary drivers for my hardware, then spend another hour compiling things. It Just Worked. I've got a little bit of tweaking to do tonight, but overall, I'm pretty impressed; it's even got a version of apt-get, which is one of the reasons I like debian so much.

So, tonight, I should finally be able to rip the CDs I bought a month ago, which means I'll actually listen to them. I'm hoping that I'll be able to get my wacom tablet working with the Gimp 2 as well, since it is supposed to have full support for pressure sensitivity, etc.

In other news, my shoulder is still hurty. I'm going to the gym tonight, but no kung fu, no weights, and no pushups. The rest of my body is mad that I've been skipping workouts. The nutritionst told me I should go get my shoulder looked at by a physiotherapist or something. I'm starting to think that, just maybe, I should actually get the damned thing looked at, since it doesn't seem to be healing very well.
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( May. 30th, 2004 10:39 pm)
So, I spent some time today trying to get linux back onto my workstation. It has been an exercise in frustration.

For my sevrer, I am quite happy with debian; what I want most for that box is stable and reliable, which debian Stable does very well. Stable sucks for a workstation, though, because all the software is a year or so out of date, Unfortunately, testing, the next debian level up, is unstable enough that a nightly update may suddnely cause programs you'rein the habit of using to either stop working, permanently, or simply disappear. So, testing is a pain in a differnet way. Today I went with debian stable, but when I realised that it was still using the 2.2 kernel, and I gave up on trying to find documentation for getting my USB mouse working with the 2.2 kernel, I decided that all the minor annoyances were excessive. So I'm ditching debian for the workstation. I am not as willing to be patient and spend time digging around trying to trick the installer into letting me get close to what I want as I once was.

I tried to install mandrake 10 before this, but the install locks up about 30 seconds in, so that isn't going anywhere.

I'm trying to d/l redhat's fedora right now in the hopes that it will give me more or less what I wanted from mandrake; reasonably stable stuff, but also reasonably recent, and more user friendly than debian. I want to go back to linux for two things; GIMPing and gripping. I have read that I should have better support for my tablet with the GIMP uinder linux, and ripping CDs under windows has, in my experience, been a much bigger irritation than under linux, where grip + LAME tends to sove all my problems.

Most of the stuff I do on my workstation can be done in either OS, since I browse from mozilla, and use chatzilla for IRC, and read mail in an ssh session to my server anyway. Windows gives me games, linux gives me GIMP + grip. In theory, anyway.

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( May. 20th, 2004 02:31 pm)
I am far too happy that I have unlocked "Extra Vs. Team Battle Mode" in Soul Calibur 2. (It lets you have team vs. battles with unlocked weapons). I've been on an unlocking spree in SC2; I've got access to almost all (but haven't bought all of) of the weapons (the only ones I'm missing are the gag weapons; I only have Nightmare's Galley Oar), and the only character I haven't unlocked is Lizardman. The internet tells me that one can't unlock Lizardman until one is a level 72 platinum edgemaster. I'm probably going to obsess over the game at least until I have all the best weapons for each character ( I have soul edge (complete) for most of them already, which is the 2nd best weapon) and all the extra costumes.

This has been your dork report.
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( Apr. 15th, 2004 09:02 am)
For those pondering drinking the CSS Kool-aid; take a look at the CSS Zen Garden. They've got 100 different designs, all using the same HTML page, just different CSS. Design 99, Wiggly the wonderworm, turns a normal web page into a comic strip! So, by changing one file (your CSS file) you could completely change the entire look and feel of your website. For an example of how not to design your page with CSS, look at my current journal style.
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( Feb. 8th, 2004 05:39 pm)
So, after much fiddling with switches and finally deciding to abandon the old drive completely, I got the new hard drive to work. I went in and partitioned it without problem, but soon found a new problem; I've lost my windows 2000 CD. I could install linux, but even then, installing win2k over top can be a pain, since it would nuke the MBR. Also, installing linux is a massive, frustrating pain in the ass that usually ends up taking a couple days befor everything is working correctly. Which I haven't the patience for.

So I guess I'll jsut keep dragging my laptop back and forth to work every day until I figure out a place to get a new win2k disc. I;d even considering buying a copy, except that you can't, any longer. I'm fairly ambivalent about buying windows XP.

Computers suck. I shoulda been a carpenter.
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( Feb. 7th, 2004 09:54 am)
The hard drive on my main computer seems to have dropped dead over night. It didn't quite last a full year. *sigh* So, today I have to go out and buy a new one. Fortunately, I won't have actually lost much in the way of data, since everything important gets saved on the linux box with the older, and therefore apparently more stable, HDD. For some reason, hard drive reliability has gone down the crapper in the past few years.
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( Jul. 13th, 2002 01:23 pm)
Think you're geeky? Well, I think it's likely that I am geekier.

Saturday morning found me sitting in my bathrobe, working out a normalized table layout to keep track of roleplaying characters.

And wondering what the best way to build a web interface to that database would be.

I'm astonished how useful all that database theory I learned in school is; I've got 1:1 relationships, 1:n relationships, and powers have ended up being m:n relationships.

I don't usually make such full use of my education at work, which is, perhaps frightening.


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