curgoth: (Magic Missile)
( Feb. 15th, 2010 11:02 pm)
Grr.: Seem to have messed up my jaw significantly - it's painful enough that I've gone through the tylenol-3s I didn't need when I got snipped. I should probably go see the dentist about it being all mis-aligned and painful, but I feel guilty since I went to the doctor last week for my asthma. Also; wtf, body. Just work properly and stop whining/breaking. Also, pls deliver the washboard abs I requested last year.

Grr.: $100+ USB microphone I bought for the last NVF session seems to have completely died. I was great for the session it worked during. I no longer have the receipt.

Yay: Got enough mikes working in the room that we managed anyway. I am half wondering if I should start recording these to make campaign logs easier.

Yay: Sound effects - gaming is even more fun with The Drama Button, Sad Trombone and Instant Rimshot.

Yay: Awesome anniversary dinner with [ profile] neeuqdrazil. Our first date was 13 freaking years ago. We OLD.
ACUS is coming up, and I've been following a lot of the press about the upcoming D&D 4th edition (more on that later). All of this means that I'm thinking about RPGs and how they work, and wanting to run a game or two.

Nerdy rambling about designing roleplaying games )


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