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( Feb. 23rd, 2010 03:22 pm)
top five spaces for working remotely in Toronto. For those who find themselves working remotely when they're not home.
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( Oct. 15th, 2009 02:22 pm)
Having an asthma attack intense enough that even after 2 puffs on the inhaler I could breathe, coughing hard enough to drop me to my knees. Grabbed my coat and ran outside - if it's allergies from HVAC mold clean air will help.

ETA: definitely allergies. Went back inside to get my stuff, was wheezing before I got to my desk. A coworker carried my stuff out for me. Breathing got better once I got outside. Now sitting in my car letting breathing get back to normal before driving home. I hate when the air tries to kill me.
[On seeing me washing my lunch dishes at work]
"You're going to make someone a good wife some day!" (from a male executive. my ex-uncle once made the same comment on seeing me cook.)

[On a guy knowing what colour his shirt is]
"Oh, your wife has you really well trained!"

Because washing dishes, cooking, and fashion sense are all "women's work". What century is this again?
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( Mar. 8th, 2009 04:38 am)
Spent my Saturday night at work doing a contingency flip. Miraculously, it went off without a hitch.

I consumed way too much caffeine, because I expected that something would go wrong and I'd be working well into the daylight hours.

So now I am home, and can't sleep.

And now I kill time until the lattes wear off enough to let me sleep.
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( Feb. 1st, 2009 10:07 am)
So, it is the first of February. A new beginning!

Thus far, I have;

  • Been woken up by the pager (nothing serious or time consuming)

  • Had no voice when I responded to the page (but some water cleared that up)

  • Had a tub of old soy flour dive for my groin from the top shelf when I opened a cupboard to look for spices, covering my only clean pair of jeans.

  • Had my webhost fall entirely off the net for a while (it came back, and now I am backing up the data files for my wiki)

February, are you fucking with me?
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( Nov. 19th, 2008 08:02 pm)
*looks outside*
I think I picked the wrong night to work late.
*ponders stopping for dinner somewhere near work before driving home*
This is not going to be a fun commute.

PS; actually, the drive wasn't that bad. I was glad that I took a minute in the mostly empty parking lot to remind myself what driving iin snow is like though. Much brake-pumping.
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( Sep. 19th, 2008 01:55 pm)
I am off work today. I've been to the gym, and got a new cell phone. With internet on it. Moo hoo ha!
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( Aug. 28th, 2008 06:02 pm)
My employer is finally giving us casual Fridays every week. With a caveat - we have to wear one item of $CORPORATE_CLOTHING_LINE clothing. I'm going to check tonight to see if they have underwear and socks.
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( Jul. 23rd, 2008 09:49 am)
Point form post!

  • Spent time sewing last night. Made myself a pocket full of fail. The snaps were too loose (apparently they need a reinforcing layer of fabric), and I mounted them too low on the pocket back. And the straps I made, planning to turn them inside out, did not turn inside out. I cut a new pocket back, straps and reinforcing strips, and will take another shot at pouches tonight.

  • When I'm waiting for code to compile, etc., I am geeking out about White Wolf's Scion. Anyone know of a good site for Norse words/phrases?

  • Yesterday, I woke up at 4:30 am with a splitting headache, and couldn't get back to sleep. I woke up at 4:30 again today, but no headache, so I passed out again. My body is trying to recalim the lost sleep from yesterday. Horrible chemistry has been invoked.

  • I also need to remember to go through my sarongs some night this week and see which ones need to have ties added.

  • According to the Weather network, the forecast temperatures for Fest is now NaN C, for the entire 14 days.

  • As further evidence of my neural degredation, I find I am growing to quite like Old Krupnik.

  • I need a vacation.

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( Jun. 13th, 2008 04:05 pm)

  1. This will be my last week on-call for $OLDSYSTEM. I am not going on-call for $NEWSYSTEM until after I come back from Kaleidoscope. I will miss the pager pay, but will not miss people pestering me. I'm going to start leaving the laptop at work. Even when I go back on call, it'll only be one week in three.

  2. I snuck out this afternoon and went for a walk along the shore of gooseshit pond here at work. I picked up a pile of big goose feathers (found feathers have always seemed a little magical to me). I walked past a heron wading aroudn the pond, and found a couple dead fish. I had no idea there were *fish* in there. Well, I saw two dead ones, so perhaps there isn't, anymore, but that does expalin the heron. It's nice to get a little bit of connection to nonhuman life.

  3. There is talk of *not* having us all stay until 7:30 pm tonight. And next week should be back to normal hours.

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( Apr. 30th, 2008 02:43 pm)
Because bullet points are, as they say, "the thing" these days;

Good things!

  • Unexpected oreo cake at work

  • Went to the gym at 10:30 this morning, so I managed to get in today's workout without being interrupted.

  • Found the charger for my bluetooth headset - I've been looking for it for weeks. Apparently not in the back pouch on my backpack, though.

  • Taxes done! It took an hour of trying at 6am this morning to get them filed, but it's done.

  • My back was quite sore when I woke up Monday morning, but it's been getting significantly better each day. I credit being dilligent about my stretching at the gym.

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( Apr. 22nd, 2008 04:43 am)
This would be payback for all the people whose sleep I stole Sunday night. Work woke me up at 4:21 this morning. There are some things that have to happen before it's going to be resolved, so I know I'm going to get called back again some time soon. I don't think there's any point in trying to go back to sleep, so I'm going to go shave...
Since I've usually got something going on Friday night, I've been trying to do my Friday scheduled workout on my lunch hour. With work as busy as it is, what's been happening instead is that I end up eating lunch at my desk and not getting a lunch break at all, and not getting to the gym. This is not good.

I think I may have to start having my Friday nights start later than 4pm... I just don't know how else to manufacture the time.

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( Apr. 9th, 2008 08:52 am)
Last night I figured I should enjoy the nice weather while I could, so I went for a jog around the parking lot for my gym warm up.

While running around, I heard a beep. When I looked down, I saw a pager with a broken belt clip. On closer inspection, based on the amount of mud on it and the date of the pages on it, it looks like it got trapped in a snowbank some time in Febreuary and has been there since, only to be revealed now that the snow has melted.

It's possible that the belt clip broke, and the person didn't realise it until later. It's also possible that someone out there loves their pager as much as I do...
Weekend scoring:


  • Got some sleep Friday, got enough sleep Saturday.

  • No caffeine since Friday.

  • Brunch on patio Sunday morning.

  • The riding boots are actually quite comfortable if I leave the orthotics out.


  • Was on at Saturday night event for maybe 20 minutes; long enough to change clothes, so a single circuit of the place, and decide that the light and heat were making me feel like puking, so went home to bed.

  • Got sunburnt while having brunch on a patio Sunday morning.

I'm going to try to detox a bit this week; no alcohol, no caffeine, easy on the sugar. My kidneys/liver are kind of sore after the beating I gave them in the past three weeks, so a little time to recover seems like a good idea. This also means, of course, that I have to actually get enough sleep if this is going to work...

And now, back to the work I don't want to be doing.
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( Mar. 26th, 2008 09:31 pm)
As I round out another 13 hour work day, I give you a link.

Remember the video of Kermit covering NiN's Hurt? The same folks made more songs (though no more videos yet). You can see them here. Unless you're [ profile] mycrazyhair, in which case you are to scroll along and pretend you didn't see this post.
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( Feb. 15th, 2008 09:59 am)
The doc gave me antibiotics and an advair inhaler for the Ick. They both list dizziness as a possible side effect - I'm defintely foggy-headed. I'm also supposed to avoid dairy and advil while I'm on them.

I noticed something this morning; we have both black rice and black lentils. Clearly I need to do something with this.

My computer works! I can sync my phone and ipod again!

For Sheridan people; take a look here, and then look here. (Sheridan is a school known for art and animation. It was locked down because a student with a tripod was mistaken for a gunman.)

I have a lot to do at work today. But no brain to do it with.

Tonight is yummy anniversary dinner with my LizardLove. I think I will risk the side effects of dairy consumption for dinner.
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( Feb. 7th, 2008 09:29 pm)
Holy crap. It's only 9:30 and I don't have anything I neeeed to be doing. I... don't know what to do with myself! (gimme a minute, I'll think of something. Maybe write some microfic or watch some Dexter.)

I worked from home both yesterday and today. Yesterday I just decided that with the snow on the ground and the forecasted doom, home was the best choice. This morning, I had a dentist's appointment, and felt a little guilty about staying home yesterday, so I figured I'd try to drive in. My street didn't get plowed until about 4 this afternoon, so getting out at 9:30 was interesting; thankfully my civic is a little hockey puck and can sort of slide over the snow with a little coaxing.

I made it as far as Keele on the 401 (which was sticky and slippery), when traffic reports informed me that the 401 all the way to work was slow and filled with accidents and blocked lanes. I gave up and turned around. It took me until 11 to get home. I got back to my street, and there was a station wagon trying to get up the street as I was trying to get down it, with an SUV behind him.

I stopped and grabbed the shovel from my trunk to help the station wagon - I wasn't getting past until he got unstuck anyway. After some digging and pushing, we managed to get him back into the driveway for his building - he gave up on trying to get out onto the main street. The SUV driver, of course, just kept rolling up closer and closer on the station wagon, including trying to drive on the sidewalk to get around the station wagon. He had a bad back and said he couldn't help push, but he'd be glad to shove the station wagon with his SUV. The station wagon driver declined.

Once I got home, I decided that I couldn't do anything else until I made myself a pot of dagoba hot chocolate, according to the directions on the tin (heat milk slowly, stirring eleven times clockwise, the eleven times counterclockwise, until vapours begin to form...)

In retrospect, I should have just stayed home in the first place. We shall see if I catch flak for it at work tomorrow.
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( Feb. 1st, 2008 10:55 am)
From a work e-mail;

Jean Day is Friday February 8 – wear a hockey jersey

We need everyone to wear their favorite hockey jersey or sports top with their jeans. Buy tickets to support our PC Children’s Charity and be entered in a draw to win one of the following prizes.

I am totally wearing my old gi top from jujutsu that day. It is a sports top!
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( Feb. 1st, 2008 08:33 am)
The weather forecast today is calling for "every kind of bad weather imaginable". I do not feel like driving in that, so I am safely ensconced in my office at home. There may be a trip to the gym at 4. Working from here means i can continue to poke the sick new computer throughout the day, and maybe get some laundry done.


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