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( Jan. 13th, 2008 11:16 pm)
This has to be the best workout plan evar; a woman is putting together a training regimen to prepare herself for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.
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( Dec. 7th, 2007 11:32 am)
Last night's robaxacet still hasn't fully worn off - still feeling pretty foggy. Add to that that there's a grumpmas lunch this afternoon, and the fact that I didn't get in to work until 9:30 due to drug grogginess, and today is a complete and utter writeoff.
Because I keep coming up with ideas, and not doing anything about them because I forget:

Pending creative endeavours

  • LJ post: Where Is My Mind: A meta-magical examination of my state of mind of late.

  • Microfic of the day (goal: one per day for November)

  • WorldBuilding: Making magic; designing a function ficton from the magic up

  • Neologism: SpellPunk

  • Finish up zombie raver outfit

  • Build my own Brass Goggles; I have the materials, just need to spend an hour or so with the dremel. Sadly, won't have time before NeoVictiorian Nightmares.

  • Caged Faerie: will require me learning how to do wiring.

I will be taking suggestions for microfic topics as I try to post one microfic per day.
Friday: Bards; a lot of very talented preformers. Also, me; my voice cracked several times while singing, and my voice and legs were shaking with nerves. But I did it without dying or forgetting any of the lyrics, so that's something.

Saturday: Flaked on the video shoot due to tired. Warmed the Den of Decadence (proposed new name).

Sunday: Pancakes! Discovered that Alton Brown's buttermilk pancakes can a) be made without buttermilk, in a pinch, and b) can be made vegan in a pinch, and are still yummy, especially with raspberries and chocolate chips. And port wine sauce or ice wine maple syrup. After that, there was Glamour! After *that*, there was a workshop involving plums, lollypops and life savers and some very useful information.

Tonight: I will be out yet again, so Stitch and Bitch won't be happening.

Tomorrow: I go out at OhGod O'Clock to get my Lizard back, take her home and then go back out to work.
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( Oct. 18th, 2007 10:18 pm)
My zombie mask is done! I am glad I have a powerful fan to aid the drying of paint and papier mache. So, I have all my props and everything for Bards tomorrow night. I've done a dry run including pre-amble. I am nervous as hell.

I still need to pack for tomorrow, and get some stuff together so that I will be ready to run to the video shoot saturday once I get back.

We will need to be leaving the appt in less than 6 hours to get Liz to her plane on time. I should be in bed soon.
I'm turning 30 in November. I'm using that arbitrary milestone as motivation to do some things I haven't done before. One of those things is performing in front of a crowd. So, I'm posting this to keep myself from chickening out. I'm going to perform at the next bards.

I'm planning to sing a song about zombies. I have an mp3 of the music. Does anyone know what I would need to hook my laptop or ipod up to the bards sound system?
the "home" link on futurephone's browser is way too close to the spacebar.

both primary and backup shades died recently. hence, i am now waiting for rx shades at lenscrafters. in a mall. with wifi! on the downside, mall. also, since this is my lunch break, mall food.

i suspect i will regret the jambalaya rice.

vacation in roughly 26 hours.
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( Jun. 16th, 2007 03:04 am)
Woke up a bit later than planned. Drank the remainder of yesterday's pot of tea - still good, though we're now out of cane sugar.

Spent time fighting with my laptop, but eventually got quite a bit of work done, pantless, on the balcony.

At lunch, I showered, ran to the bank where the cute teller flirted with me, then went to Hope St. for a grilled veggie salad and a tuna melt. And a diet coke.

Back home, worked more. Put my bike together, biked to the gym, lifted weights and did some cardio before biking back home.

Showered and changed into kilt and zombie bunny shirt, then off to dinner, where we had good food and lousy service.

Finally, Evil Dead: The Musical! It was hilarious and awesome. They overused the lines from the movies a touch IMHO, but the gore more than made up for it. If you go, make the people going with you let you sit in the splatter zone. We were just outside it. Some people who clearly don't wear much white were wearing white shirts so they could get them covered in gore.

After that, [ profile] corwin77 and the two friends of his from work and I went off to Savage. Savage has gotten really sad. They turned the lights on and sent us home at 2. NB for out of town spooky folks; going to Savage will make you sad.

I was tempted to wander over to Neutral to see what a club with people in it looks like, but I am supposed to be at a sewing makeup session tomorrow morning at 10am. I did not get the amount of work planned done on my pants, so I really should get there on time. Of course, I am caffinated to the point of feeling ill, so I don't want to sleep. Grar!
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( Jun. 14th, 2007 09:40 pm)
Yet another ticket has come open for Evil Dead: The Musical. Let me know if you're interested. $41, Friday 11pm.
So, [ profile] corwin77 has been organizing a mass trip to see Evil Dead: The Musical on Friday night at 11:00pm. I bought the group of us 8 tickets sitting together, but one person has pulled out. Anyone want to get in on some singing and zombie killing? The ticket is $39 + internet fees, tax, etc.
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( May. 7th, 2007 09:32 am)
Surreal moment this morning.

I woke up, in darkness, and looked over at my clock. The numbers were changing, couting upwards. I checked my clock to see if something was pushing down one of the buttons on top of it. Nothing was.

I eventually woke up enough to remember that there are sleep and snooze buttons on the detached speaker on the other side of my dresser, and eventually woke up enough to go over and turn the speaker over (it had gotten turned upside down some time in the evening). At that point the clock stopped counting and went back to showing that it was about 4:20am.

In other words, sleep still hates me. I am exhausted.
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( Apr. 4th, 2006 10:43 pm)
Still exhausted today. Didn't read LJ at work to try to be more productive. Didn't work - just got interrupted more often. Now, off to see if I can balance out my brain chemistry with alcohol enough to sleep early enough to break this pattern.

Until then, I am moody, hate the world, and may just cuddle *you* if you get close enough.

Zombie Alert!

I doubt their experts

Plugging the analog hole

The entertainment industry continues to push for total control of everything you watch and hear.

Make your own flame thrower

I was looking for something to do while home by myself next week...

Who needs a warrant?

The U.S. gov't can track people through their cell phones without warrants now. Microchips planted under the skin not needed.

Britain to track every single car in the country

It's like a race to see which government can control privacy first!

David Brin on Transparent Society

Very brief summary - privacy is over. The fight should be to make sure that we can watch the watchers watch us.Also, I want to have David Brin's babies, even if he is a libertarian.

Tricks with itunes playlists

This is what finally got me to use itunes as my main music player, and to start rating songs. I have 5 stars set to play every day, 4 stars every week, etc. until 1 star will only play once every 3 months. Unrated stuff keeps going until I rate it. This lets me do the "shaping" I wanted to do a while ago, by, say, moving the vast amounts of Tom Waits down a few stars while leaving my favourite bands higher up.

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( Jun. 24th, 2005 06:29 am)
I had an idea for an SFstory on the way in this morning.

Take a sort of "post-singularity" society, in which the net has become sufficiently complex that no one really understands entirely how it works, and has begun to do stuff on its own - not to the AI level, just "stuff".

Add in the tech to record memories. You have a fuzzy internet with uploaded personalities floating in it.

Call the net entities "loa", and have them "ride" people via cybernetic brain implants. Basically, to become a doctor, you don't go to med school, you carry a medical loa. Knowledge is preserved and advanced through generations directly.

Obvious questions to explore - how much of the person survives the upload process? Just experience, or personality, too? How does it affect the ridden person's mind to carry loa on a regualr basis? Do uploaded personalities remain distinct, or do all the doctors merge into a sort of big doctor spirit? How available is the upload tech? Is there a central body regulating uploads? Is is expensive enough to remain available to a select few only, or are there uploads across the economic spectrum (this last raises the possibility of digital sacred prostitutes being riden by an electronic Ishtar). What effect do all these minds have on the already self-motivated net? Does this system move form a sort of polytheism to a monotheism as the personalities merge into a single cybergod?

Are the loa self-aware enough to have thier own goals? How much to they cahnge after death? What kind of impact on innovation does this sort of structure have - does relying on the loa mean that the society just keeps refining past techniques and not inventing new ones?

Who can be ridden? Anyone? Or do the loa have preferences, creating a new specialist class/vocation? Just how prestigious is it to be ridable? Do we end up with a middle class of "horses", with a rich upper class who can afford autonomy, and a poor underclass who can't effectively work?

What happens when the process goes wrong? In keeping with the voodoo theme, I posit the occasional frying of a "horse"'s mind, leaving the subject a zombie - little mind, but a body that can be put to menial tasks.

I might try to fire off some microfic in this setting later, but I wanted to throw this out there.
I just noticed that the dry, cracked skin on my thumb looks like a cartoon zombie face; dry, stretched out, with Xs for eyes and a frowning slash for a mouth.
I have zombie thumb.

Now, back to putting on green embalming fluidmoisturizing goo.
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( Jun. 16th, 2004 05:41 am)
Link for StB; if zombies attack, how long will we have power? (swiped from [ profile] jwz)


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